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Recruitment agency Firebrand (Australia, New Zealand, France, Hong Kong, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore and the United Kingdom) has released a snapshot of ad agency employment conditions in all its markets, with a special focus on NZ.

Sydney-based Firebrand global ceo Greg Savage, supported by staff from the Auckland office, presented the latest findings to NZ media agencies at a function in the Auckland Saatchi building last week.

The state of the market offshore:

  • Australia: Subdued – with hot niches. Mainly digital and increasingly ‘social’.
  • Malaysia: Boom, almost overheating.
  • Singapore: Very strong; optimistic.
  • Hong Kong: Strong; one eye on China.
  • Japan: Surprisingly resilient.
  • London: Negative, slow, some mini-demand areas.
  • France: Overall sluggish, but niches on fire (eg, luxury brands).

And in New Zealand –

  • Recovery after patchy three years.
  • Permanent staff demand rising.
  • Digital & integrated skills are in demand.
  • NZ has become a talent-driven market, because of skills shortages.
  • Shortages impact recruiting process, urgency, flexibility.
  • A need to compromise on ‘exact fit’.
  • Attemps to ‘merge’ skillsets does not work.
  • Freelance specialists are back in vogue as a result.

“There is no people shortage in New Zealand – we have a talent shortage,” Savage says. “And it’s going to get much worse, and will last a long time.”

He said the talent market is changing fast. “Not everyone is looking for a job but everyone is available to change jobs. The future of recruitment is that everyone is a candidate – all the time. It is up to us to convert them into an active candidate.

“It will be harder to get talented people to work for you than it will be to get more customers.”

Where did you get your last job?

  • Online job board 33%.
  • Word of mouth/referrals 22%.
  • Recruitment company 20%.
  • Direct approach from employer 14%.
  • Print advertising 5%.
  • Other methods 5%.
  • Social media 1%.

Who searches for jobs on social media sites?

  • Gen Y 23%.
  • Gen X 24%.
  • Baby boomers 24%.

“Social media is largely about employment branding,” says Savage. “Give passive candidates a peek at your corporate DNA.”

Firebrand (formerly Aquent) has produced a white paper – the Firebrand Market Pulse – which shows not only salaries but the top 10 employee benefits by sector in Auckland, Melbourne and Sydney.

The paper will become available next week – and we’ll be publishing the salary tables and employee benefits at next week. To obtain your own copy of the Market Pulse, contact NZ country manager Julie Prentice at


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